Month: November 2020

10 Things I Learned From Drake Part 1

In this first video of the 10 things that I learned from Drake after watching the Drake’s Plan documentary created by CBC Music. This was a very insightful documentary with so many gems for music creators to grab hold of and implement in their own music careers.

Music Interview: Music Producer Duke Illington

In this interview, Music Producer Duke Illington to discuss how he got started in music, growing up in Alabama, attending an HBCU and its influence on his music, the importance of understanding the mixing process, the major keys to networking, his current projects he’s worked on with various artists, and so much more!

Maschine MK3: 6 Sampling Techniques

In this video I am covering 6 sampling techniques you didn’t know with Native Instruments Maschine MK3. These techniques will help you in your creativity when sampling and creating music in Maschine.

Music Interview: Artist and Fusion Pianist Desarae Dee

In this interview, Artist and Fusion Pianist, Desarae Dee to discuss how she got started in music and her journey as an artist and fusion pianist, learning to play the piano at a young age, finding out that she has “perfect pitch”, growing up in Toronto and its musical influence, working as Music Director for Recording Artists Matt B and Sean C Johnson, her music and her influences, not giving up and being consistent, and so much more!

Music Interview: International Recording Artist and Songwriter Matt B

In this interview, Recording Artist and Songwriter, Matt B to discuss how he got started in music, getting his first label deal with StarBase Records Japan, hitting #1 on the iTunes R&B Charts in less than 24 hours, his distribution deal with Priority Records, going on his 16-date nationwide tour, starting his annual “Holiday Cheer Tour”, his motivation behind your EP “No Days Off”, submitting his EP for Grammy consideration, and so much more!

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