Month: January 2022

First Look: Native Instruments: Satin Looks

Native Instruments have just released their brand new Expansion: Satin Looks, dedicated to the sounds of R&B. In the video, I preview the sound kits from Satin Looks! Let’s dive right in!

Quit Your Job Today and Make It In The Music Industry! FIND OUT HOW!

In this video I am doing a walkthrough of the book: How I Left My Job and Made it in the Music Industry by Jason Hadshian aka J. Hatch. You will find me discussing all of the relevant information that is needed in order for you to be successful in this music industry from J. Hatch’s perspective. So grab a pen and pad and get ready for some great insight into this amazing book.

Music Interview: Hip Hop Performer and Songwriter Chris Taylor

In this interview with Chris Taylor we discuss his music beginnings, his mother’s influence on his music, growing up in Suwanee, GA, his influences as an artist, his biggest challenges, his philosophy and motivation behind creating music, how J. Cole has influenced his music, and so much more!

Music Interview: Rapper, Songwriter and Artist Suavee

In this interview with Suavee we discuss his music beginnings, growing up in Richmond, CA, moving to Atlanta, his music projects and the motivation behind his music, his creative process, and creating a legacy.

Six Types of Music Managers

In this video, I cover the six types of music managers that you as an artist will need in order to have a successful music career.

Are You Obsessed with Buying Music Gear? Let’s Find Out!

In this video, I want to cover something that all creatives struggle with and that is “Gear Lust.” I will also provide some practical tips on how to overcome your lust for gear.

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