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Dont’ Get Robbed! Take Ownership of Your Publishing with Splits®

In this video, I’ll be discussing how to Take Ownership of Your Publishing with Splits®. Splits is an app developed by Create Music Group. No more paper split sheets! No more waiting to figure out who gets what percentage of a song! This app will help you take ownership of your publishing and get the money that you are guaranteed when collaborating with other music creators. Splits® is a must-have for anyone who collaborates on music! Seamlessly create split sheets in seconds to claim and protect your publishing ownership.


In this video, I’ll be doing a review of Anthony Clint Jr’s new loop and midi pack “Majestic”! Majestic is an exclusive, royalty-free loop and MIDI pack from music producer featuring filtered piano and electric piano chords, melodies and progressions. 20 MIDI files and 20 WAV files that are compatible with any DAW (FL Studio, Logic Pro, Reason, Pro Tools, etc.). I will also showcase a track that I am working on using one of the loops from majestic.

Maschine MK3: Top 5 FIRE Maschine Expansion Packs!

In this video I walkthrough my Top 5 Maschine Expansion Packs and trust me they are fiiiirrrreeeeee!!!

Maschine MK3: 5 SUPER EASY Sample Chopping Techniques

In this video, I explain 5 super easy sample chopping techniques in the Maschine MK3. These techniques can be used on Maschine Mk3, Maschine+, Maschine Mikro and Maschine Studio (you still got one?). Leave a comment and let me know how you chop up your samples.

Maschine MK3: Red Rust FX Presets! A MUST HAVE!!!

In this video, I cover the brand new Red Rust Maschine FX Presets created by DB the Producer from Noisey Neighborz. “Red Rust” Maschine FX Pack is for producers who want to add depth and color to their melodies. This FX pack includes over 40+ FX presets to help you dial in some texture and add sauce to your melodies using Maschine stock effects made by Noisey Neighborz for the Maschine producer community.

What are a Few Key Lessons that Aspiring or Current Artist Could Take Advice From?

In this panel, 3x Grammy Nominated R&B Singer, Record Producer, and Songwriter James Worthy, Multi-instrumentalist, Producer, Singer, and Songwriter Jasmine Ortiz, and International Singer and Songwriter Matt B share with you their biggest lessons and advice to help you achieve success as an indie artist.

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