Interview with Artist and Music Producer Mikey Lambo

In this interview, Mikey Lambo, multitalented producer, engineer and artist. We discussed his early introduction to the music industry, writing poetry and playing the violin for 14 years and then becoming a rapper, the power of music, working within different musical genres, desire to preform at music festivals, the debate of having formal music education, developing your music vocabulary, habits that keep him focused, and sound music advice.

Interview with Grammy Nominated Music Producer and Songwriter Mark Byrd

In this interview, Grammy Nominated Producer and Songwriter Mark Byrd, producer for Cassie, Fabolous, Jeremih, Chyi The Prynce, KeKe Palmer, Jon Conner, Raheem DeVaughn and Kanye West to discuss his background, experience working with The Fr3shmen, getting over your ego as a producer, the expectations of getting a placement, his “I Deserve It” motto, physical and mental health as a music producer, his pivotal moments and personal sacrifices in the music industry, his God LVL brand, what it takes to make a hit record, his God LVL artist Dante Higgins, and his future endeavors.

Interview with Music Producer and Songwriter Murcialago Tha Maschine Monsta

In this interview, Producer and Songwriter, Murcialago Tha Maschine Monsta to discuss starting off as an artist and becoming a producer and songwriter, using Native Instruments Maschine, his musical inspirations such as Nottz, Oak Felder, and Bink. We also discuss the key lessons that he’s learned in the industry, the importance of networking within the music industry, producer bashing, and challenges being a producer.

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