Interview with Music Producer and Sound Designer MIDI Monstaz

n this interview, MIDI Monstaz discusses his musical journey, his major challenges as a producer and sound designer, the producer community, Bounce Gvng Publishing Administration and his role with the organization, and so much more! Take a look at the interview above.

Interview with DJ, Producer and Label Head DJ Iceman

In this interview, DJ Iceman talks his music journey and the many things that he has done within his life that lead to his music career, his thoughts on the current state of hip hop music, how he got into MMA fighting, working with Wu-Tang Radio and being inducted into the Wu-Tang Worldwide Dj Coalition, how he began his music label Big Boss Records, and so much more!

Interview with Vocalist and Songwriter David Givens

In this interview Vocalist and Songwriter David Givens talks his musical beginnings, his new album, his fusion of EDM, Pop and R&B, dealing with depression and suicide tendencies, how his music helps to heal other who may have experienced his story. We also played his latest music video “When I Fall” and the meaning behind this song and music video, and so much more!

Interview with the Sync Licensing Strategist, Nelson Johnson

In this interview, Nelson K. Johnson discusses how he got started in music, major strategies for sync licensing success, starting Super Sync Squad, being our own worst critic, and so much more!

Interview with Artist, Label Executive and Creative GhostWridah

In this interview, GhostWridah discusses how he got started in music, starting Rebellion Records, developing yourself as a music creator, teach his kids important lessons in life, his musical motivation and inspiration, and the importance of having a well-connected team!

Interview with Recording Artist, Songwriter, Record Producer, and Musician, James Worthy

In this interview, James Worthy discusses how he got started in music, meeting Michael Jackson and that meeting being a catalyst for his music career, staying versatile during COVID-19, his music and inspiration, state of rnb music today, and major gems for artists!

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