Branding for Music Creators

In today’s music world, the music creator has to wear many different hats from performer, musician, booking agent, business owner, promoter, publicist and also brand strategist.  We no longer live in a world where this is done for you by the record label, manager, or publicist.  You must now become somewhat of an expert at the many facets of the music business world, specifically branding, marketing and promoting yourself.  In this series, I want to provide you with some practical tools that will help you tackle the creative process of branding your big asset, You!

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Networking in the Music Industry

Networking in the music industry is one of the most important skills you can develop and is a critical skill for connecting and developing relationships with people in the music industry.  The principle of networking is true in any industry, whether it be sales, finance, healthcare, etc.  Networking is a must in the music industry.  Your career in this music business is dependent on effective and quality relationships.  My goal is to arm you with the tools to be strategic in your efforts so that you can maximize your presentable opportunities to their fullest. 

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7 Habits of Highly Effective Music Creators

Since embarking on my musical journey, I’ve always thought of ways to merge my Corporate America experience with my music experience.  I understand now more than ever how applicable and relevant these concepts are to anyone, but especially to the success of music creators who are facing the reality of today’s music business.  I’d like to walk through these concepts with you in hopes that you’ll walk away with some tools to help you on your journey in creating a sustainable career in music.  This is by no means a complete exploration, so for that I’d recommend you crack open this great book on powerful lessons on personal change.

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