Music Interview: Hip Hop Performer and Songwriter Chris Taylor

In this interview with Chris Taylor we discuss his music beginnings, his mother’s influence on his music, growing up in Suwanee, GA, his influences as an artist, his biggest challenges, his philosophy and motivation behind creating music, how J. Cole has influenced his music, and so much more!

Music Interview: Rapper, Songwriter and Artist Suavee

In this interview with Suavee we discuss his music beginnings, growing up in Richmond, CA, moving to Atlanta, his music projects and the motivation behind his music, his creative process, and creating a legacy.

Music Interview: Multi-talented Singer, Songwriter, and Dancer Chantel Nicole

In this interview with Chantel Nicole we discuss her music beginnings, being a background dancer, dealing with shady music producers, growing up in New York and how that impacted her music, being involved in K-Pop and how K- Pop is taking over the industry, her music and inspiration, and so much more!

Music Interview: Singer-Songwriter and Music Producer Fugitive Moods

In this interview with Fugitive Moods, we discuss his music beginnings, not having a background in music and the impact on his journey, being a hip hop artist, reinventing himself when things started to fall apart, his solo debut album, his creative process, and my thoughts on his album and so much more!

Music Interview: DJ & Radio Host DJ Baby Blue Diamond

In this interview with DJ Baby Blue Diamond we discuss her musical journey, becoming a Chopped & Screwed DJ, starting her magazine and radio station, starting her underground indie music list and the process for inclusion, performing at L.O.U.D Fest, and creating her own mixtape brand.

Music Interview: CEO of The Santiago Firm Melinda Santiago

In this interview with Melinda Santiago, the CEO of The Santiago Firm we discuss how she got started in the music industry, becoming an industry manager, working with multiplatinum clients such as Bobby V, Scarface, 112, and more.

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