Music Interview: DJ, Producer and Label Head DJ Iceman

In this interview, DJ Iceman talks his music journey and the many things that he has done within his life that lead to his music career, his thoughts on the current state of hip hop music, how he got into MMA fighting, working with Wu-Tang Radio and being inducted into the Wu-Tang Worldwide Dj Coalition, how he began his music label Big Boss Records, and so much more!

Music Interview: DJ & Radio Host DJ Baby Blue Diamond

In this interview with DJ Baby Blue Diamond we discuss her musical journey, becoming a Chopped & Screwed DJ, starting her magazine and radio station, starting her underground indie music list and the process for inclusion, performing at L.O.U.D Fest, and creating her own mixtape brand.

Music Interview: CEO of The Santiago Firm Melinda Santiago

In this interview with Melinda Santiago, the CEO of The Santiago Firm we discuss how she got started in the music industry, becoming an industry manager, working with multiplatinum clients such as Bobby V, Scarface, 112, and more.

Music Interview: Singer-Songwriter and Actress Ashten

In this interview, Ashten discusses how she got started in music, importance of having a strong support system, take a break from music, dealing with depression and working through it, understanding the many ways to make music as an artist, her music and more!

Music Interview: Artist and Songwriter Ashton Rich

In this interview, Ashton Rich discusses how he got started in music, dealing with drug use and how music changed his life, importance of having tenacity and diligence, discovering his true self and getting out of his own way!

Music Interview: Rapper and Lyricist Ackurate

In this interview, Ackurate discusses how he got started in music, dealing with mental health in hip hop, developing yourself as a music creator, and importance of having a well-connected team!

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