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Sound Pack Review: Ukiah Beats Blu Fyre

In this video, I will be previewing the new sample pack from Ukiah Beats: Blu Fyre. This pack includes: 13 Original ROYALTY FREE Audio Samples + Stems Blu Fyre is a perfect blend of original soul and hip hop samples curated in the style of Kanye West, Big Sean, Drake, Lil baby, and more. Every melody comes straight from the vault and is ready to be dragged and dropped into ANY Daw! Personally selected to provide instant creativity and to eliminate beat block.

What’s In My Camera Bag – 2021 Edition

In this video I share some of the gear that I currently have in my camera bag that I use for my videos in 2021.

2021 Home Studio Setup | What I Use for Music and Film!

In this video, I’ll be showing you my 2021 Home Studio Setup | What I Use for Music and Film! We will look at where I film all of my interviews and videos, the equipment I use as well as looking at my music creative space and checking out all of the gear I use to make music. Enjoy the ride and I have placed links to my gear in the description.

Book Review: It’s All In Your Head by Russ

In this video, I’ll be doing a reviewing It’s All In Your Head – Get Out Of Your Own Way b y Russ. This was a great book and I explain several key concepts of this book. Also you will have the chance to win a copy of this book for yourself. All you have to do is leave a comment below and I will randomly choose a winner! Enjoy!

Dont’ Get Robbed! Take Ownership of Your Publishing with Splits®

In this video, I’ll be discussing how to Take Ownership of Your Publishing with Splits®. Splits is an app developed by Create Music Group. No more paper split sheets! No more waiting to figure out who gets what percentage of a song! This app will help you take ownership of your publishing and get the money that you are guaranteed when collaborating with other music creators. Splits® is a must-have for anyone who collaborates on music! Seamlessly create split sheets in seconds to claim and protect your publishing ownership.

Sound Pack Review: Majestic! DOPE PIANO CHORDS AND MELODIES!

In this video, I’ll be doing a review of Anthony Clint Jr’s new loop and midi pack “Majestic”! Majestic is an exclusive, royalty-free loop and MIDI pack from music producer featuring filtered piano and electric piano chords, melodies and progressions. 20 MIDI files and 20 WAV files that are compatible with any DAW (FL Studio, Logic Pro, Reason, Pro Tools, etc.). I will also showcase a track that I am working on using one of the loops from majestic.

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